Nana Release

May 16th, 2020

Release notes tell you what's new in Nana C++ Library

This release contains new features, some breaking changes and many fixes. It makes Nana more stable on both Windows and Linux. Learn more on the Nana Blog.

We love hearing about your experiences with Nana at our Forum. The forum also gives an opportunity to listen to your feedback as we continue development.

  • NEW

    New features.

    • Added support of Arabic rashaping on Linux

    Widgets issues.

    • Fixed issue that wrong caret position in textbox when moving up/down
    • Fixed place bug that splitter(#512)
    • Fixed issue that textbox rendered wrong background color for selected text of RTL languages

    Core issues.

    • Scroll input in nested_form causes main thread to stop(#505)
    • Fixed issue that output of glyph pixel is wrong
    • Added support of RLE8 compressed BMP format(#515)
    • Fixed issue that grayscale JPEG can't be shown
    • Fixed animation deadlock issues(#530)
    • Fixed memory leak issues of animation destruction

    Changes and improvements.

    • listbox::hovered now returns absolute position(#528)
    • Added missing of overloaded non-const of treebox::value/value_ptr
    • Open image file using file format signature instead of file extension
    • Added a new animation::output method for specifying dynamic output position and size(#335)
    • Added a new treebox::first() method to return first node



    Contributes by LilyWangL.

    • Include <stdexcept> in datetime.cpp(#539)

    Contributes by call-me-void.

    • Added option to enable nana config(#510)
    • Use iswalnum in text editor(#527)

    Contributes by wwriter.

    • Fixed comment typo(#507)

    Contributes by Steffen André Langnes.

    • Fixed unknown CMake command check_include_file_cxx(#513)

    Contributes by Katsuhisa Yuasa.

    • Fixed CMake command check_include_file_cxx(#523)

    Contributes by KingDuckZ.

    • Replaced some naked pointers with unique_ptr(#526)
    • Develop xdgopen(#527)
    • Initialise everything to make sure accel_key is constexpr(#531)